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Today its ‘Fathers Day’ whatever that means …

Len, George and Pat Miles, 1957 ish
Len, George and Pat Miles, 1957 ish

there were a few kids out there who never knew their biological dads but knew me – caring for our kids and teaching and learning with them – also known as playing – is fun, satisfying, and an honour and a privilege. That many of you may never have had a chance is due to the paranoia of these days – remember, the most dangerous thing for kids ? Cars squashing them.. [dicegeorge]


Today its ‘Fathers Day’ whatever that means – for my dad it mean a chance to sell more fancy greetings cards in his bookshop, which may explain some of my cynicism towards such ‘special days’ …

Every day is a special day and every day we remember,

every day is Sunday

as Wally said.

Yesterday Jo Cox, a good new Labour MP and mum, was killed in the street by a nutter.

(from facebook)

Yesterday Jo Cox, a good, new, Labour MP, was killed in the street by a nutter. I’d never heard of her, but she seems to have been a good  lady. She’d worked at Oxfam and so probably had first hand experience of the desperation of thousands of refugees from Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. The killer seems to have been a supporter of far right groups, but there are nutters of all colours and persuasions, how would it have been different if he’d been a mad pro european?

Campaigning for next Thursday’s Euro Referendum was suspended for two days. Most people in Britain , Leavers, Remainers and Don’t Knowers are united in shock.


But after I’d posted a youtube video of her speaking on the Aleppo crisis at the Westminster  parliament, one of my so called facebook ‘friends’ wrote:
[War monger gets shot!. Im not supprised or bothered.
She wanted syria bombed on “Humanitarian Grounds” she was plainly deranged and will not be missed.]

Someone wrote that she was appalled by his words.
He wrote:
[ She wanted syria bombed on “Humanitarian Grounds” , hows that not being a war monger?]

I wrote:
[There is an international human rights argument for bombing killers like ISIS, and for sending in UN peacekeeping troops armed with big guns. I supported stopping Saddam Hussein cos of his gassing the Kurds but that went all wrong when the Yanks didnt have a peace plan just a war plan.]

Alex Massie wrote in the Spectator:

Sad doesn’t begin to cover it. This is worse, much worse, than just sad. This is a day of infamy, a day in which we should all feel angry and ashamed. Because if you don’t feel a little ashamed – if you don’t feel sick, right now, wherever you are reading this – then something’s gone wrong with you somewhere.

I’m a Liberal. I agree with most of what Shirley Williams and Paddy Ashdown and Vince Cable and Kirsty Williams and Jo Swinson say and believe. (But not everything). On some things I’m more liberal than them! They have to be responsible in what they say, as MPs. But if they say one little thing wrong over the years and years of talking and listening they get hammered. Like poor little Nick Clegg unwisely signing a pledge not to cut tuition fees.

Oh, and Caroline Lucas, the green MP, I’ve heard her speak live several times and I think she’s great. I think she’s the best MP at Westminster. Good people like these, and from Labour and the Welsh and Scottish parties should get together and form a progressive alliance, they should be our Government not the Conservative party with a majority of seats in Westminster after getting just 36% of the vote in the 2015 election. The European elections for MEPs are by proportional representation and much more fair. Not perfect though – liberal hacks love to bore you with superior complicated voting systems !

It would probably make for a better world if democracies elected more women than men, on average they seem better at listening and compromising, unlike the macho male house of Commons  confrontational ya boo red/blue system.

This aint my best writing, but I want it published by midnight…
Jo Cox MP, another hero fallen, more kids hurt…

I dont like thinking about what’s going on in Alleppo and other rapey places. I wish it never  happened but that’s not good enough …

I don’t have all the answers, it seems to me there’s a crisis of over population and planet trashing coming up soon, no now…

I hope our scientists will solve it all, but i doubt it…

But being angry and shouting seldom works in my experience,

it makes things worse,

have you ever been experienced?

I have…

George Miles
alias DiceGeorge
Frday 17th June 2016

Mothering Sunday

My mother and her sister near Kuusankoskiand thanks for those out there who’ve let me mother their children, what  a privilege and honour for me that you’ve trusted me into your/our  family: teaching kids is a natural vocation which we all share, and remember that a  child speaks not with the accent of its biological parents but of those  he/she lives and plays with..
(is not that Nile Rogers guitaring?)

Lib Dems trashed in the election yesterday

Liberalism us Liberal Democrats were trashed in the election yesterday.

Not decimated – that was when the Romans excecuted one in ten of hostages in a ‘pacification’ exercise – they’d line them up then go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 chop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 chop.

That’s ten per cent executed, ninety per cent left.

If you decimate fifty then you have forty five left.


There were 57 Libdem MPs at the Westminster Parliament before the election two days ago. Only 8 got re-elected. (Maybe we should count that as 56, Mike Hancock Portsmouth MP was a total disgrace from what I’ve heard about it (which isn’t much))

86% lost their votes, only 14% remain!

There’s not an anti tory alliance in the United Kingdom Government debating things, a  liberal green progressive government,  Labour / Libdem / Green / SNP / Plaid / Alliance  like I’d hoped for.

No, there’s now a Conservative majority at Westminster.

It wont be the libdems influencing Camerons first ideas, but his rightwing backbenchers.

Cameron made several uncosted giveaway promises in the last few weeks of the election, not just the NHS 12 billion…

Extending ‘right to buy’ to housing trust properties at a ‘generous’ discount will  mean less housing for the poor.

(cant remember which one I’m thinking of, put this in later? )

Someone on Radio 4 said the Lib Dems are a busted flush

The electorate ‘punishing’ Nick Clegg for the coalition, tuition fees, bedroom tax etc.

But they rewarded Cameron by making him Prime Minister and the Conservatives the Government.

Now the liberals can’t soften any of the Conservatives plans, or veto the Snoopers Charter!

That’s not fair, and its scary, I remember when Thatcher was in charge with a Conservative majority.

I’ll go for advice to my friends in the Green Lib Dems






Thousands of spam comments appearing in my WordPress sites despite having Akismet

1785 comment spams is too many for me to page through and delete, how can i get rid of them? (Akismet is a spam filter)

  • I found a button [Check Spam] which cleared around half of them…
  • Aha – google has found me which says:,go to /wp-admin/, and open edit-comments.php with any text editor …Line 185 should look like this:
    $comments_per_page = apply_filters('comments_per_page', 20, $comment_status);The number 20 defines the filter on the page. Replace it with the number of comments u’d like to display, and upload ur new file over the old one.
  • Hm, a bit scary editing the WP files, is there a plugin?
  • NO, that doesn’t work any more….
  • click the ‘screen options’ tab near the top right of the dashboard – comments pagethen set the ‘show on screen’ number of comments
  • wordpress-comment-spam-four

LibDem Glasgow Conference 2014

libdems201410_one_member_one_voteI’m just back home after a few days in Glasgow at the Liberal Democrats conference, where we voted to liberalise the sex and drugs laws for a safer fairer Britain, to raise some taxes and lower others, and lots of other ideas. What we voted should go in the LibDem manifesto for the 2015 May election for MPs to Westminster (and local councillors). Very interesting. They’ve published lots of the speeches and debates online at

I don’t believe that the Conservative or Labour  Parties would allow their members to say such things at their conference and publish it on the internet.

I didn’t say anything on camera at the main conference, but asked a few questions at some of the fringes.

The main thing I learned is that many people are getting very scared of what Climate Change will do to millions of people on this planet, our long term future, after you and I are dead, ‘our‘ meaning us, humanity.