Today its ‘Fathers Day’ whatever that means …

Len, George and Pat Miles, 1957 ish
Len, George and Pat Miles, 1957 ish

there were a few kids out there who never knew their biological dads but knew me – caring for our kids and teaching and learning with them – also known as playing – is fun, satisfying, and an honour and a privilege. That many of you may never have had a chance is due to the paranoia of these days – remember, the most dangerous thing for kids ? Cars squashing them.. [dicegeorge]


Today its ‘Fathers Day’ whatever that means – for my dad it mean a chance to sell more fancy greetings cards in his bookshop, which may explain some of my cynicism towards such ‘special days’ …

Every day is a special day and every day we remember,

every day is Sunday

as Wally said.

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  1. Hello! I am looking for anyone who might have known Roger the Dodger/Speedy Roger Skinner! I am his daughter Thea! I clicked on a link on his obituary page from 1989 & got to this webpage! Father’s day seemed an appropriate link to try to contact you! He died as a result of a van fire at Frestonian Yard in October 1989! Any memories much appreciated!

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