Roger the Dodger

(from Festival Eye 1990 Deaths )

Roger Skinner (alias The Dodger, alias Speedy Roger) died on Wednesday 11th October 1988. His van burnt while he slept at Frestonian Yard, West London. “He wasn’t all bad” said Vanessa (whose head he’d split with an iron when drunk). He was a star, a convoy driver, rock and roller, great with kids. His best band – the Cramps, his drink – Martell brandy.

At the funeral: his family and his “adopted family” – us lot.

On a scrap of paper I saved from the fire he’d written:
“Well what a shame – just when I had the whole caboodle about to become a soluble aspirant to the truth and freedom, you in your infinite incompetence have pulled the mat – whoops – I mean oppurtunity out from underneath my basic reality concept…”

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