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Unconscious motivation

I’ve been reading the wiki at , and as I come to  understand it I’m correcting little grammar mistakes of tense, and trying to make things a little clearer. This is a fantastic way to study something new.

On many levels.

It says:

“The Esteem Needs- Esteem needs are the last of the basic needs and are divided into two types of needs. The first is based on our need to see ourselves as competent, achieving individuals. The second is the need for esteem based on the evaluation of others. This is the need for respect and admiration from other people around us (Maslow, 1968).
The Need for Self-Actualisation – The highest level of needs is for self-actualisation. Maslow believes once an individual’s basic motivation needs are met then they start to focus on what they want from life. He suggests the needs of self-actualisers are qualitatively different; he describes them as metaneeds (Maslow, 1968). Metaneeds are, being concerned with higher aesthetic and moral values such as beauty, truth, justice, and ethics. Maslow also states, that not many individuals will achieve self-actualisation but many will strive to do so (Maslow, 1968).

Rainbow Circle Kids Bus for sale?

rckb-paintingRainbow Circle Kids Bus for sale? We’ve got a week to find an alternative in Derbyshire.

Unfortunately the Winter Working Group today,  Sunday 16 February 2014,  could think of no other option than scrapping or selling the bus.

We have to get it off the farm it’s stored at by the end of this month. All seven tyres are perished and the windscreen and other windows are smashed etc . It starts up every year after a few minutes on a normal 12 volt car battery, the engine and brakes work well.  The roof is sound.  But it has no insurance or MOT.
Leyland Redline 1982 , 3501KGROSS 5655CC

If you think of any better alternative please let us know withing seven days, or else we will be forced to put it for sale on ebay at the scrap price.

Rainbow Circle Winter Working Group