Thousands of spam comments appearing in my WordPress sites despite having Akismet

1785 comment spams is too many for me to page through and delete, how can i get rid of them? (Akismet is a spam filter)

  • I found a button [Check Spam] which cleared around half of them…
  • Aha – google has found me which says:,go to /wp-admin/, and open edit-comments.php with any text editor …Line 185 should look like this:
    $comments_per_page = apply_filters('comments_per_page', 20, $comment_status);The number 20 defines the filter on the page. Replace it with the number of comments u’d like to display, and upload ur new file over the old one.
  • Hm, a bit scary editing the WP files, is there a plugin?
  • NO, that doesn’t work any more….
  • click the ‘screen options’ tab near the top right of the dashboard – comments pagethen set the ‘show on screen’ number of comments
  • wordpress-comment-spam-four

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