LibDem Glasgow Conference 2014

libdems201410_one_member_one_voteI’m just back home after a few days in Glasgow at the Liberal Democrats conference, where we voted to liberalise the sex and drugs laws for a safer fairer Britain, to raise some taxes and lower others, and lots of other ideas. What we voted should go in the LibDem manifesto for the 2015 May election for MPs to Westminster (and local councillors). Very interesting. They’ve published lots of the speeches and debates online at

I don’t believe that the Conservative or Labour  Parties would allow their members to say such things at their conference and publish it on the internet.

I didn’t say anything on camera at the main conference, but asked a few questions at some of the fringes.

The main thing I learned is that many people are getting very scared of what Climate Change will do to millions of people on this planet, our long term future, after you and I are dead, ‘our‘ meaning us, humanity.

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