This is a video a friend shared with me from facebook of the woman who falsely accused me of being a paedophile many years ago. Unfortunately two cops believed her stories and they still refuse to investigate further or to let me defend myself against their untrue accusations. And the police and SS continue to tell people behind my back that they think I’m a paedophile because they believe all her allegations and refuse to let me defend myself.

I love playing with kids.

I’m the opposite of Jimmy Savile.


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  1. Showing a video of someone in a pink coat looking like a street drinker doesn’t prove anything and if these comments were untrue then you should have no worries about participating in anything political etc
    The rainbow circle or whatever they are called these days had people like sid rawles who was viewed as a serial sex abuser in their midst, a paedophile/sex offenders paradise and you just happen to associate yourself with them..

    1. sid rawles was who he was yes but that doesnt mean rainbow circle tolerates pervs!!! your logic is flawed!! anyway twas all before my time of joining the rainbow circle in 2004 – so dare i say you are maybe a tad out of date. The rainbow circle can be a wonderful place when folk stop allowing the past to effect the present and the future……….some of us strive hard to ensure the gate is strong and pervs not allowed in!!! we try to keep the heart fire clean and dry these days too……….. we talk to everyone who comes to a camp and as they are quite small these days everyone knows everyone……………maybe you should come and see for yourself…………..

  2. After 1998 anyone convicted of sex offences are placed on the sex offenders register and can be banned from working with children and vulnerable adults.
    Are you telling us you are on this register?.
    Are people working with children at rainbow camps drb checked or not?.
    You mention the police believe a woman what about the children surely they would have had to say something unless they were very young
    If you were not charged then I would take these accusations with a pinch of salt and get on with your life and career.

  3. i see you have chosen not to answer my questions.
    I wont draw any conclusions from this
    I will however say this Unfortunately I wouldnt feel comfortable letting my kids anywhere near you or the rainbow whatever its called these days without proof that child carers are drb checked

      1. drb as i have said elsewhere only checks for crimes committed – we need to do the real checking at the gate and with our hearts – we only find out stuff from getting to know each other and really really being nosey – i am a scorpio and find being nosey quite easy – being polite is another matter – if i offend you – it is maybe because i trust the drb system as much i trusted the crb system………..which is very little – i worked with many many crb checked folk who were often abusive to children in very subtle ways – not necassarily sexual but never the less abusive so lets not be trusting of drb checks – after all the system checks are just that – the way we need to check each other out is through action and deed………….be at the gate of a camp and see how we “operate” to find out who coming into our camps

    1. drb checks only check for offences
      as i worked in social and health services for many many years – i can quite openly say these checks check very little – our hearts and minds do the real checking and i need to say if you want “proof” come to a camp

    1. i will draw the conclusion that to hide behind a psyudoname makes comment easy – to be open and say who one is takes real trust – especially in this world we now live within…………reveal your true identity if you want to be taken seriously Mr HA HA

  4. Rainbow Circle are a lot smaller than they used to be when we camped at Flaxley in the Forest of Dean (both before and after the split with Sid Rawles). However last summer, 2014, I believe that there was a Kids Coordinator who was CRB checked (and indeed was a child at RC camps many years ago!)
    Many at RC do know of the allegations against me, when this became in issue several years ago luckily for me there were people present who knew both me and my accuser.

    1. George I would and have trusted you100% with my children and grandchildren who look forward to seeing you at rainbow circle as you are great with the kids and they have so much fun with you x

  5. Me and my children and grandchildren have known George a few years and have seen him helping the children getting cabaret together children and adults enjoy his silly side…..
    My son was really upset even cried to hear this false accusation ….The woman is a nasty piece of work who shouts at children like she is the shedevil herself….She is mental and very unwell…. George your loved by me and my family. This sort of hearsay could stop workshop interaction with the children …in fear of being accused ! Me next on the list? as I share craft groups will all ages and fun n games….x

  6. George,

    I’ve known you through rainbow for nearly 5 years, my children have always adored playing with you and after the camp when my little boy was 2, he talked about you for weeks. These allegations are awful, unfortunately mud sticks. I don’t think that anyone who actually knows you would believe these lies. Much love x

  7. Yes, that’s all true, but the cops who she went to believed everything she said before they even met me and refused to investigate our pasts further or to listen to any of my ‘character witnesses’ who lived on various sites with us both in London.

    1. the cops believe what they want to and we the people of the current rainbow circle believe what we want to………………i would trust you 100% with my daughter – i wouldnt take the piss and leave you to look after her for ages and ages in some sort of free creche arrangement tho – it isnt fair to use folk who are good with kids to be free childminders………………..not saying [anyone’s] saying this – just want to make point that rainbow circle kids area is communally run by parents and none parents and whether we are police checked or not is completely irrelevant – we check each other and this is what counts…………….try not to let all this past shit effect the future george………….we only get one life so lets get on with living it…………….i stand with you always – and i too have no police check…………police checks only go so far – we the people of the free world go one step further………….dont ever forget who your true friends are – keep on rocking dicegeorge – keep on rocking

  8. Showing someone is mentally ill as a way to prove your innocence is obsurd. Thats what happened to me there are child abusers in my family and they did exactly that to me. And they was lovly people apart from the fact they were phedophiles. And plenty of people believed them and thought I was crazy. Damn right I was crazy I was abused and had no family cos most people believed them my dad I eventually got to admit over the phone what he did and he went to prison.and still the people closest to him didnt want to believe it. My uncle on my mums side was arrested but not enough evidence. When I called him trying to get amswers for what he did and told him I called the police.he called the police himself to report me for’noncence accusations’ . Funnily enough when I told my stepmum about my dad .she called him immediately and he said to her to call police. So she would be like why would he tell me to call police if he had done anything. My uncle is still in my family I cant see my gradma who is dying and everyone still belives him and thinks im juts. Horrable why should he have a family and my dads back with his wife and kids and I have to face life alone (I have a few good mates thank god for them.

  9. I must not as u refer to this other rainbow dude to getting a ‘woman’under sixteen pregnent.dont u mean child !!! I am appauled that i brought my daughter to rainbow camp anf meetings and I knew none of this!!
    On the other side if this woman is lying then it makes me sick as I wouldnt have gone through all my shit of not being believed if their wasn’t people making this sort of shit up.

  10. Carrie, Rainbow Circle split before I joined it for several reasons, one of which was Sid’s behaviour. He went off to form Rainbow 2000 / Futures.

  11. I am not allowed to prove my innocence because the police believed everything this woman told them, refused to investigate further, arrested me, tried to have me remanded, then at a court hearing I wasn’t told about they ‘laid the charges on file’ and are still telling people behind my back they think I’m a nonce without giving me a chance to defend myself, despite letters from MPs etc etc.

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